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Abram Hoffer Memorial Lecture
Alexander Schauss, PhD
35 Years in the Orthomolecular Medicine Field   [PDF]


Ben Lynch, ND
Optimizing Patient Care by Identifying and Bypassing Genetic Polymorphisms   [PDF]


Joseph Gabriele, MSc, PhD
Transdermal Delivery of Polyphenols for Pain Management and Other Conditions:
Technology and Clinical Experience   [PDF]


Dr Rogers Prize Lecture
Balz Frei, PhD
Vitamin C and Chronic Disease: The Right Molecule at the Right Dose   [PDF]


John Thoreson, BSc
Ascorbic Acid: Its Fundamental Importance and the Glucose Ascorbate Antagonism Theory   [PDF]


Michael Schachter, MD
The Role of Salvestrols in the Management of Cancer Patients at the Schachter Center in New York   [PDF]


Patrick Holford, BSc, Dip ION
The Role of Insulin in Weight Gain and Obesity   [PDF]


Ronald Brown, MD
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: Fact vs. Fiction   [PDF]


Phyllis Bronson, PhD
The Moods of Aging: Hormones and the Mind-Body Connection   [PDF]


Laurie Mischley, ND
The Role of Lithium in Central Nervous System Health   [PDF]


Jonathan Prousky, MSc, ND
Effective Tapering Strategies to Limit Drug Withdrawal and Destabilization:
A Clinician’s Perspective   [PDF]


Annual Evan Shute Memorial Lecture: Controversies in Nutrition
Paul Demeda, CNP
High-Dose EPA and DHA: Are We Missing Something?   [PDF]


Aileen Burford-Mason, PhD
The Aging Brain: Influences of in utero and Early Childhood Nutrition on Later Neurocognition   [PDF]


Patrick Holford, BSc, Dip ION
The Etiology of Alzheimer’s Disease and Its Prevention   [PDF]