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Honorary Presidents
Dr. Efraín Olszewer (Brazil)
Dr. Jorge Cubrías Morales (Spain)

Dr. Daniel Arias (Argentina)

Drs. Leyla Abboud – Pablo Riccardi – Dario David Zaina

Scientific Committee
Drs. Ricardo Colucci – Adolfo Cordonnier- Hugo Franzetti
  Conferences :

  1.  Fatty infiltration of the hepatocyte, inflasoma and LPS. Pathophysiological neuroses and orthomolecular approach.
    Dr. Jorge Cubrias Morales
  2.  Impact of Krebs cycle anaplerosis on obese and inflammatory metabolic disorders. A therapeutic option.
    Dr. Jorge Cubrias Morales
  3.  Orthomolecular approach in body distortions and facial inesteticisms. Surgical terrain optimization. Orthomolecular vision. 
    Dr. Adolfo Cordonnier
  4.  Anti-inflammatory feeding.  Nutrigenomic relevance.
    Dr. Adolfo Cordonnier
  5.  Pterostilabene. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic, procognitive.
    Dr. Ricardo Colucci
  6.  Biological regulation of the terrain. Philosopher’s Stone in any Orthomolecular Treatment.
    Dr. Arturo O’Byrne
  7.  Phytotherapeutic modulation of insulin resistance.
    Dr. Claudio Esteve
  8.  Intravenous orthomolecular adjuvant treatment of cancer.
    Dr. Alexandre de Luca
  9.  How to boost the non-hormonal effects of testosterone. 
    Dr. Carlos Jaldín
  10. Nutrigenética in cardiovascular diseases.
    Dr. Pablo Riccardi
  11. Insulin resistance.
    Dr. Lucio Criado
  12. Fasting intermittently. Therapeutic resource for healthy longevity. From evidence to practice. Results .
    Dr. Carlos Jaldín
  13. Diabesidad. Metabolic syndrome. How to control its evolution with nutrigenomics.
    Dr. Efraín Olszewer
  14. 10% human. Microbioma, microbiota.
    Dr. Daniel Arias
  15. Testosterone and Andropause.Risks – benefits how to use. Collateral damage. 
    Dr. Efraín Olszewer
  16. Neurotransmitters (ADHD) approach from orthomolecular medicine.
    Dario David Zaina
  17. How to rebalance the immune system.Orthomolecular vision .
    Dr. Alexandre de Luca.

Sponsored Symposium: Friday 27 from 13.00 to 14.30 –  Pharmacy Milenium 
Satellite Symposium Friday 27 from 18.00 to 19.30 – 
 VIP Pharmacy 

Congress Hours:

  • Registration / Accreditation: Thursday from 16.00 to 19 and Friday from 08.00
  • Scientific Activity:

Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.