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The Riordan IVC Academy gives practical instruction on how, and why, to use IV Vitamin C in your practice. The Academy offers a bold new perspective on the care and treatment of a vast array of chronic illnesses: to identify and correct the common denominator of ALL chronic illness – oxidative stress.

Redox Medicine, as coined by Riordan’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Ron Hunninghake,  is a patient-centered care approach that focuses on the identification and treatment of the many origins of pervasive oxidative stress:  hidden dental infections, key nutrient deficiencies, poor dietary choices, leaky gut syndrome, environmental toxin exposure, hormonal disruption, epigenetic imbalances, and poly-pharmaceutical overload.

Our speakers systematically address these root causes of the chronic illnesses assailing mankind today.  Join us as we explore treatments that address and correct the root causes of these unexplained and often poorly treated medical epidemics.  Together we can contribute to a new era of real health!

Visit the Riordan Clinic IVC Academy webpage for additional information.