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This Symposium will be an opportunity for attendees to gather to listen, learn, and answer the compelling questions of our time:

Cellular Hypoxia:  Could disruption of cellular respiration be the primal root cause of the chronic illness plague now enveloping western civilization?

Pervasive Polypharmacy: Is the overuse of allopathic medicines (especially antibiotics) an insidious, albeit pervasive, energy organelle dysregulator?

Environmental Toxicity: Have the 32 million new chemicals introduced into the Earth’s biosphere over the last 90 years (most of them untested for human adversity) finally reached a tipping point where cellular methylation and detoxification processes can no longer protect our energy metabolism?

Dietary Demise: Are our foods killing us? Has ubiquitous sugar become “the white plague” mortally disrupting the smooth interchange between healthy glycolysis and efficient fat-burning oxidative phosphorylation that bestowed an adaptive advantage to our ancestors?

Homo Sapiens Ascorbicus: If our species is to survive, will that amazing hepatic metabolite and electron-buffering molecule be technologically innovated to rescue struggling humanity from our ubiquitous genetic disorder, as named  by Dr Irwin Stone: “hypoascorbemia”?

The Three Molecules: Will a new medicine rise to the forefront of medical care that recognizes a new “standard of care” where the balanced energy metabolism of three core molecules are finally acknowledged as the three pillars of cellular health? Oxygen, glucose, and ascorbate.

Symposium Objectives:

  • To bring together experts who understand the structure and energy-producing function of the mitochondria and have applied their knowledge in the care chronically ill patients.
  • To bring you up to date on the latest scientific research that supports the use of intravenous Vitamin C in the support and remediation of mitochondrial distress
  • To underscore the importance of lifestyle-related adjuvant therapies that are necessary for the proper care and feeding of your mitochondria.

Putting it All Together – What You’ll be Able to Take Back to Your Practice:

  • Learn Safe & Effective Administration of IV Vitamin C (IVC)
  • Discover a Unified Theory of Chronic Illness
  • Uncover How IVC Affects Mitochondrial Energy
  • Learn the Riordan Clinic Approach to Cancer Care Using IVC
  • Receive Certification in the Riordan IVC Protocol (View the protocol)
  • Earn 16.5 continuing education hours (Optional – add this when registering. See URL below.)